Introduction of Mr. Ito


Graduate chair of the Pygmalion education institution
 Profile of Ito Kyo 

An expert on early childhood education

The founder of the Pygmalion education
The chairman of the Thinking Ability Education (Corporation Aggregate)
The chairman of the Senehasa Foundation of Sri Lanka
The consultant of Hamagakuen Kids of Japan
The consultant of the Ministry of Education of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
The dean of the departmemt of Education of the KAATU International University

Mr. Ito holds the belief that by adopting the Pygmalion Method, every child is able to have a good character and excellent abilities. From children ranging from 2 to 6 year olds, we have seen countless successful cases of children making a significant progress.

Mr. Ito has designed a variety of original teaching tools and teaching materials, which are not only being used in Pygmalion’s classes, but also widely used in other early childhood education institutions in Japan. For example, the Hamagakuen Kids, a cram school famous for having the most students getting into Japan’s top junior high school called NADA Junior High School, have adopted the teaching tools, teaching materials, and courses provided by Mr. Ito. In addition, Mr. Ito is the chief consultant of Puzzle Dojo. Puzzle Dojo is an institution whose goal is to cultivate children’s spatial awareness and other crucial abilities. There are currently over 800 classrooms in Japan, and all the teaching tools and teaching materials are also provided by Mr. Ito.
(Note:NADA Junior High School: a junior high school famous for having the most students getting into Japan’s top universities of school of medicine, such as the Kyoto University school of medicine and Tokyo University school of medicine. )
「Understnad how to score 88 in prestigious elementary school in 90 minutes
(Asuka Publisher)
「Calculation for 2-year-old」(HOSEI PRESS
「PYGLI:cultivating both mind and ability」
「Exercises for Fostering Ability」40 volumes(Pygmalion Education INC​)
「The Real Early Childhood Education」(Sun Smile

Teaching matetials for family use
「Family Learning」20 lectures
Teaching materials for cram school
「Hop・Step・Jump」36 volumes
「Exercises for the Brain」12 volumes
「Brain Training」6 volumes(Tsumugi Publisher)
「Learning Materials of Regular Courses for Toddlers」26 volumes
「Learning Materials for High School Entrance Exam」36 volumes
「Learning Materials of Pygmalion Petit」88 volumes 
Learning Materials of Thinking Ability」92 volumes
Exercises for Fostering Ability」80 volumes
Exercises for Fostering Thinking Ability」92 volumes