Osaka headquarters, Esaka Classroom

2-2, Esakacho Suita, Osaka 564-0063 Japan

Telephone Number:06(6384)7615

Fax number:06(6384)7601

Tutorial class benefits

Suitable for kids who had not joined Pygmalion earlier.
There will be professional teachers planning courses for according to the condition of each student.
In order to achieve the best learning result and lay a solid foundation for students, teachers will give appropriate guidance based on the learning pace of every student.

Guide of monthly fee

Courses for 2~6-year-olds
Courses for 6~11-year-olds
Individual courses

Admission fee


Monthly fee


Material Fee


Monthly overhead expenses


Tax excl.

※ membership fee: If there are brothers or sisters who have already joined pygmalion, the membership fee is half price from the second person.
※ Tuition is paid once every three months.(4 times a year)