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Pygmalion is now looking for partnership with kindergartens.


After-school care

In recent years, the United States, Britain, Japan and other advanced countries, with the young people's late marriage, unmarried phenomenon, to the phenomenon of small child fuel. The future birth rate of children has been identified only will be reduced, it is not hope that the number of children can be increased. In this phenomenon, the first pick in the choice of kindergarten is "away from home", followed by "good early childhood education". It is the result that most of the guardians of only one child or two children want to be able to cultivate important children very well and are earnestly desired.

Our Pygmalion Institute has been working for a long time, from "passive education to active learning". Children from 2 to 9 years of age are not just teaching, but to let the children take the initiative to learn the method, and use this method to continue to promote early childhood education. Graduates from early childhood can take their own initiative to learn things. And that result is the successful entry into many well-known primary school countries.

About six years ago, we have established a child education department with the Pygmalion Institute of Education, which is famous for its tuition classes in Japan. Because of the introduction of the Pygmalion Method ("Pygmalion Method") of the Pygmalion Institute, the effect is greatly realized, and the entry into the Hyogo Prefectural School of Hyogo Prefecture, The number of qualified persons in the school, Kobe Women's College affiliated countries is the largest number of people in recent years and years. In addition to this from the early childhood there is a self-study training, so the students are not able to cultivate. So, do you want to try to join the Pygmalion Institute of Education to implement kindergartens after school (to extend your care time)?

In fact there are many parents who come to this official website reaction, although you want to accept the Pygmalion Micklos course, but my child on the kindergarten without this course so troubled. Like this kind of opinion there are many sent, it can be thought there are more no sound of the views exist. Please consider your kindergarten.


Preparatory procedures

① In order to cultivate excellent children, a free speech regarding the introduction of Mr. Ito's early childhood education need to be held.

②Pygmalion Micklos classroom free learning experience will be raised after the speech volunteer.

③ Once having the permission from parents, children will be divided into different classes after 
having experience lesson.

④ Decide a date, and from the next month, the school kindergarten will officially begin.



① Stand out from other kindergartens or early childhood education institutes.

② The teachers, teaching materials, etc., are all free of charge.

③ We also welcome cram schools to be a partnership. 


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