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【Daan Classroom】 Experience Courses are successfully rounded off.


​What is Pygmalion Education? What is STEM Education?

        The philosophy of Pygmalion Education originated from Japan is active learning. We hold the belief that courses should be children-centered so as to cultivate their own thinking ability as well as problem-solving ability. 

        To cater to the new learning area, Technology in 12-year Curriculum which will be implemented in 2019, Pygmalion Education has also been preparing relative STEM courses in the hope that we can build up the bedlock for pre-school children to adapt to the upcoming technology-oriented new era. 

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►Courses of Shape Ability:
    Use Tenchi Puzzle to help children have preliminary understanding of shapes.

►Courses of Hand Dexterity:
   Hand dexterity is the basis of all the abilities.
   Drawing songs, coloring, cutting paper, folding paper are all included in the courses.

►Courses of Mathematical & Logical Ability:
   Children can learn concepts of numbers through wooden blocks.