【Promotions】Watch Instruction Videos for FREE!!!


【Promotions】Watch Instruction Videos for FREE!!!

      From 1st to 31st August, anyone who buys a set of teaching materials for any grade (Grade P, Y, G,  M or L) can watch the instruction videos of the first month for free.
(The time limit of 30 days to watch videos for free starts from the day when you buy teaching materials.)

How to start?

1.  Go to homepage of the official website of Pygmalion Education, and then click the button,

2.  After successfully applying for an experience account, go back to the homepage and click the
    button, Members > MEMBER LOGIN

​3. After entering the online learning website of Pygmalion Education, click any button on the left
    Grade Menu for any grade, Grade P, Y, G, M, or L.

4.  Click the button to enter the page of purchasing teaching materials, and choose the quantity
     you need. 

5.  After successful purchase and staff's confirmation, you can go to video list to watch the
     instruction videos of the first month for that grade in no time for free.