Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the basic guidelines for the personal data collected and used on this website.

1. comply with laws and regulations
This site will comply with the Personal Data Protection Act and the Privacy Policy, including the Personal Data Protection Act, when dealing with personal data.

2. Collect personal information
This site may collect personal information within the necessary scope. The scope of personal data to be collected shall not exceed the limits required for the purpose of use. In addition, at the time of collection, unless the permission is made in a reasonable and fair manner, the purpose of use must be indicated in advance as an exception to the law and regulations, or to notify me immediately after the acquisition. Each time you use, personal data is collected directly from a person in written form (including a website screen on a website), except where laws and regulations are allowed to be treated as an exception. In order to use the personal data of this website, please refer to the "Personal Data Protection Act".

3. Management and protection of personal information
· When this site handles personal information, we will be responsible for the management of the management, appropriate management, and efforts to prevent leakage to the outside. In addition, we will endeavor to protect personal information through the implementation of appropriate and reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access or loss, destruction, forgery and other risks.
· This website strictly restricts access to databases such as personal information, and is strictly controlled and can not be used illegally within the company.
· This site may outsource processing of personal information. In this case, we choose to be deemed to be dealing with group company or personal information of the consignee (hereinafter referred to as "outsourcer"), in the shipping contract, etc., we will manage personal information, confidentiality, re-provide us Determine the necessary matters to prevent the disclosure of personal information, such as prohibition, etc., we will carry out appropriate management.
· When the purpose of personal information is used, the website will immediately discard / delete personal information.

4. Use personal information
We will only use the personal information collected for the purpose of prior design at the time of collection unless we obtain the consent of that person and allow us to be treated as an exception to the law and exception.

5. Provide personal information
Without your consent, this website will not provide personal information to the outsourcer. However, when the law requires disclosure or is required to be disclosed by a public body such as a court or a police station, we may disclose and provide personal information without your consent. For details, please refer to the announcement.

6. Disclosure and correction of personal information
If we are required to disclose to the principal or agent, correct (etc., correct, add, delete, suspend use, delete or discontinue the terms provided to third parties) Personal information We will correspond to laws and regulations.

7. Improve internal organization
· In accordance with this Privacy Policy, this website has established internal regulations on the protection of personal information, and seeks to protect personal information by making clear policies on the handling of personal information by officials, employees and other employees of this website. I will
· This website will develop a system to review the company's internal information, whether or not the protection of personal information is sufficient.

With regard to the handling of personal information, we will review and improve the above items as appropriate.

For inquiries about this Privacy Policy, we will accept the inquiry form. For other questions about handling personal information, please check the release of opinions.