Procedures of creating an experience account

Before applying for the experience account for the Pygmalion Micklos web school, please read the following procedure carefully.
  • ■ Confirm membership terms

  • Read the "Member Registration Terms" and then agree to continue.

  • ■Enter your e-mail address

  • Please enter a frequently used e-mail address.

  • ■Confirm your e-mail address

  • Please make sure that the email address is correct.

  • ■E-mail registration completed

  • The email address you have signed in will receive a link to the member's request.

  • ■Enter the necessary information for the experience account

  • Open the URL you received in the letter and enter your personal information.

  • ■Confirm the information of the experience account

  • After confirming that the entered personal information is correct, click "Apply".

  • ■Registration of experience account completed

  • After completing the above procedures, you have successfully applied an experience account. You can watch the free trial instruction videos and enjoy a happy lesson with kids.

■ Cost

Applicants are free of charge. But after the application, in accordance with the service you want to use, there will be fees and other expenses.

Also, as with other Internet services, the fees you use to connect to the network will be paid by you.


■ Confirm using environment (be sure to confirm before using)

Depending on the system environment you are using, there may be some operation errors. Be sure to confirm that the following operations are working properly.


・Please check whether the following video is accessible

  Free Trials(instruction video)

・Please check whether the following file (PDF) can be successfully downloaded and printed out at your home (B5 size).
  Trial Worksheets(PDF)

■ In order to use our service smoothly, it is recommended that members use the following browser.


‧Although there are browsers other than the following, some of the old web pages will have different display modes. Please use the new version of the browser as much as possible to ensure that you can use it smoothly. The browser version update information Please refer to the company's official website.


Microsoft® Internet® Ver.8 or above

Firefox      latest

Chrome    latest


In addition, the service is designed to make it easier for customers to use JavaScript ™ or Style Seet. If the settings in the web page settings are invalid, they will not work properly or the normal display will occur. Please set this service as valid when this service (this page).



■Other notice


‧It is recommended that customer do not use mobile phone action data (including LTE, WiMAX, etc.) for fast network speeds.


• When using mobile phone action data, if there is too much traffic, there may be a situation where the telecommunications company sets the connection limit.


Please refer to all telecommunications companies or outlets for the conditions and contents of connection restrictions.


• Smart phone, iPhone or Android system 4 or more (HTML5, MP4 [h264]). The above are to watch the video, but it is not guaranteed that all services can be used normally.


※ Please be sure to confirm your using environment in advance if you can play the video demo course (video).

  Watch Trial Course(video)